AirPlearn » 50 Startups to Watch in Port Harcourt

We’re celebrating 50 Port Harcourt early stage startups that could change the face of the city and attract positive attention and investment in the years to come. They will be exposed to opportunities, the media, investors, and mentors. Watch this space as we update the list.


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AirPlearn is a fun and educational game app that can significantly increase a person’s memory retention capacity by measuring and tracking how much they know about anything or context. Plearn is derived by playing with the word of Play & Learn, and it “gamifies” learning in a chat environment. By playing the game, it helps a player improve cognitive skills (especially the ability to remember and organize knowledge) by engaging in a memory duel with a series of artificially intelligent Chatbots. This duel is as natural as chatting with a friend. The Chatbot test the player by exchanging words about a pre-selected context; player must neither repeat an answer nor provide a wrong spelling.

Launch date: December 2016


Gabriel Eze

Ihedoro Chukwuemeka

Sokari Gillis-Harry

Wisdom Arerosuoghene

Maven Harry

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