04 Nov

A Port of Many Colours – By Kenneth George Kalio

Port Harcourt is not a den of violence and criminality like most believe these days. Its a victim of betrayal, hatred, selfishness of selfish blood thirsty evil mongers and self imposed carefully orchestrated blackmail. But it is still My Port Harcourt.

This Port of Harcourt that we have asked, longed, even clamoured for, once known as a Beautiful and hip city to be christened; The Garden City again. As in its rivers flows treasures of golden fluids and flying dolphins; with which it breast feeds nations, including that which it is a part of. Sadly, no longer is it a pleasure base, but a pressure base, yet it is still my Port Harcourt.

My Port Harcourt that was once a glorious port of many colours; Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange flowers, Dark, Caramel, White, Brown & Black of Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroon, England, France, Lebanon and an endless list of complexions flooding the streets, offices, companies, hotels, boutiques, clubs, social spaces and more importantly the ports; land, sea and air. Still, it is my Port Harcourt.

I have watched spaces, observed arguments, heard complains, been a part of it all myself and I have decided after a long wasted period of all these encounters; to just do my part. With or without government & other institutions, private organizations and people who choose not to help- to build back my City one piece at a time. To restore its glory every bit the way, to make it my beloved hip pleasure base cymbalta cost.

So for this reasons I started by organizing the Port Harcourt International Food Festival #Phiff2016 with the support of beloved friends and family. I have agreed to support other of my friends to organize the Port Harcourt Fashion Festival, Sartup Port Harcourt Week, Miss Port Harcourt City Pageant, Film Festival Port Harcourt and give support to those who organize events like TEDx Port Harcourt plus many more to come..

Through these events for the creative industry and more not yet mentioned for other industries: we intend to push on and reshape the image of our beautiful and hospitable City.

Let all who want to join in making this happen come and be a part of It. Let us make Our Port Harcourt; a true port of many colours again.

Thank You

Kenneth George Kalio


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